Plant List

Our list of machinery covers Swiss CNC, Mill Turning, Grinding, Washing and Inspection Systems. Our plant list is shown below, separated into these categories.


Swiss CNC

The capability, flexibility and capacity of our CNC sliding head machinery ensures Stag can offer superior precision components to suit almost all needs.

Stag’s engineering facilities incorporate 14 Star Micronics Swiss Turning Centres manufacturing complex and simple parts for a range of industries and clients.

Star Sliding head turning centres provide us machine tools with up to 13-axis machining, with C-axis on main & sub-spindles.

Additionally, the machines can accommodate an impressive 80 cutting tools, with up to 14 driven tools and high-pressure coolant up to 3000psi. These innovative machines enable our engineers to manufacture simple or highly complex components in small, medium or large-scale production batch runs.


Star SB16x116mm Diameter
Star SR20RIIIx320mm Diameter
Star SV20x220mm Diameter
Star SW20x320mm Diameter
Star SR32Jx232mm Diameter
Star SV32x332mm Diameter
Citizen D25x125mm Diameter


Mill Turn

The quality of our CNC Sliding Head section is complemented by our fixed head CNC mill/turn centres, that offer customers parts being machined on the most rigid, robust and accurate turning centres the machine tool industry has available. We have invested heavily in three Miyano ABX 64th machines.

Optimising a one hit process, these high specification CNC mill/turn centres incorporate two spindles for simultaneous front and back end working, three tooling turrets with 72 tool stations, with up to 36 driven tool stations, plus 15kw spindles and 40 Nm power tools for maximum material removal rates. Built upon the most robust base, with remarkable thermal stability, high quality surface finishes are a given. The rigid machine tool design also delivers exceptional accuracy levels that are qualified with on-machine touch probing.

Daewoo Lynxx250 mm diameter
Miyano ABX64th2x164 mm Diameter
Miyano ABX64th3x164 mm Diameter
Miyano ABX64thyx164 mm Diameter
Citizen Miyano BNE 51 MSYx150mm Diameter



Jones & Shipman Ultramat CNCx1
Cincinnati 2OM Centrelessx3
Estarta Centrelessx1
Machining Centrex1
Haas VF0Ex2



Mecwash Duo Aqueous washing machine with Aquasave solution cleaning system filtering down to 15-micron contamination levels. Click here for more information on Mecwash at STAG.

Guyson Orbit 800 Aqueous Spray Wash

Guyson Ultrasonic Aqueous wash



Hommel C203 Optical Vision System

OGP CNC 500 Vision System

Optimax Digital Stereo vision system for Burr Identification

Bowers Ultima Digital Bore Gauging system with Auto recognition

Taylor Hobson Tallyrond 200 Roundness system

Mitutoyo Surftest surface finish testing

Grinding “Lead” Test Rig

Plus, digital hand gauges, plain plug, screw plug and thread measuring gauges.


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